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Gift Guides Have Arrived! 

The season of giving is upon us, and I’m excited to present My Curated Gift Guides to make your holiday shopping simple. Whether you’re shopping for him, her, the home, the entertainer, the fashionista, or the little ones, I have got you covered with a selection of thoughtful and stylish picks.


AMAZON Holiday

With just a week until Thanksgiving Day our home it full of the holiday buzz. The kids are making their Christmas lists, we...

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Gift Guides

Gift Guides are LIVE and I could not be happier! Selecting the perfect gift for someone that I love brings me so much...

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Winter Refresh

Let’s transform your home into a haven of warmth and joy! I’ve crafted a collection of Holiday decor and design inspiration collages, inspired by the enchanting winter refresh of my own home. Each piece has been thoughtfully chosen to infuse every room with the cozy embrace of the season.


Amazon Home 

Check back every week for my curated Amazon Home Collections! You can find all of my Amazon Home finds HERE  

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Behind the pretty pictures we live in a home that is full of beautiful moments mixed with chaos. Trying to find a balance between beauty and enjoying the little things in life can be tricky. I love sharing with you our everyday and how we navigate through it all. I am excited for this next chapter and the opportunity to share even more with you!

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In Case you missed it...

Our Primary Suite Fall Refresh

My Favorite Amazon Pillow Covers

INSPO for and LIFE...

Festive Fashion Finds 

Step into the warmth of the season with me! Our home is all cozied up and holiday-ready, and I’ve handpicked a few favorites to share the festive spirit in my wardrobe, too. Explore the magic, find your style, and make this season uniquely yours.
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Holiday Season

Holiday Season is just beginning! I have curated a collection of my favorite holiday decor.

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AMAZON November Best Sellers⁣

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Too many AMAZING finds in November to pick my FAVORITE. I love all of them!⁣

Amazon Finds⁣
Amazon Must Haves⁣
Holiday Home⁣
Holiday Inspo⁣
Holiday Best Sellers⁣
Home Hacks⁣
Home Gadget

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My VIRAL Scrubber is on SALE…⁣

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This scrubber is the perfect way to get your home holiday guest ready! No more bending down and scrubbing for hours…it really is as amazing as everyone says it is!⁣

Amazon Find⁣
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Amazon Must Have⁣
Home Hack⁣
Modern Home

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SLEEK Outlet Cover⁣

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I have been using this Outlet Cover for a couple of years behind my nightstands and sideboards, but found new uses this holiday season. It’s convenient, looks better than cords plugged in everywhere, and I love that it has 3 outlets. ⁣

Amazon Home⁣
Amazon Hack⁣
Modern Home⁣
Holiday Home

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Merry Mimosa Pomegranate Cranberry Ice⁣

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Whether you love Mimosas, Crafted Cocktails, or A fun Flavored Mocktail, these ice cubes are for you! ⁣

Fresh Cranberries, dried or fresh Orange slides, A sprig of Rosemary and Pomegranate Juice make up this simple drink ice. Top with Champagne, sparkling water, spirit of your choice, ginger beer, basically whatever suits your fancy, for a fun festive beverage. ⁣

Amazon Holiday⁣
Amazon Finds⁣
Amazon Home⁣
Modern Home⁣
Holiday Inspo

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CYBER DEAL-My Curtain Panels⁣

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Custom look without a custom panel price. ⁣

Sitting Room: Room Darkening Panel in Birch⁣
Primary Suite: Double Pinch Pleat in Beige White⁣

#amazonhome #amazonholiday #cyberdeal⁣

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Simple Centerpiece ⁣

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Adding a base layer of garland & faux stems creates a bed to set your decor on. After adding the ornaments add a few more pieces of greenery between the ornaments. ⁣

Holiday Home⁣
Amazon Holiday⁣
Modern Home⁣
Home Decor

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CYBER AMAZON Holiday Must Have⁣

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This rolling wrapping craft station is a game changer. My previous organizer was so heavy that it was hard for me to carry around, but the wheels on my new Craft Station make it easy to move around, and I love the fact that it has a kickstand so it stands up. ⁣

I also linked my smaller bag that is on an amazing CYBER DEAL. ⁣

#holiday2023 #amazonholiday #amazonmusthave #modernhome #cyberdeals

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CYBER SALE AMAZON Closet Organizing Best Seller⁣

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GAME CHANGER…I needed a solution for the piles of denim in my closet, but did not have a lot of hanging space either. These hangers were the perfect solution! They maximize your closet space and keep it tidy and organized. ⁣

#amazonorganizing #amazoncyber #amazonfavorites⁣
Modern Home⁣
Home Decor⁣
Home Inspo

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AMAZON Must Have⁣

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My indoor/outdoor Ceramic Fire Spheres are a simple way to elevate your Fire Table or fireplace. Add a touch of simple Modern to your home!⁣

#amazonhome #amazonholiday #cybersales ⁣
Modern Home⁣
Home Decor⁣
Home Inspo

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